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To make each guest's stay as enjoyable as possible, and to ensure we're abiding by state and local laws, we require that visitors adhere to a few policies and procedures:

• The ROR Director must be consulted for advice and instructions on any activities involving the swimming pool, lake, bonfires, timber, or use or movement of recreational equipment.
• No equipment, furniture and/or beds should be moved from any of the buildings. Sponsoring organization may not interchange beds, furniture and/or equipment from other buildings. If additional furniture and/or equipment are needed for any reason in any building, contact the ROR Director.
• If you are planning campfires, please notify the ROR Director 2 weeks prior to your event so that the local fire department may be alerted and a permit issued. Campfires are allowed by permit only, as required by law.
• The river is off limits to swimming.
• The sponsoring organization must secure a registered nurse or someone certified with First Aid and CPR training to be available 24/7. A certificate verifying training must be received in the ROR office at least 2 weeks prior to the event.
• ROR Director must authorize use of the rappelling tower. The sponsoring organization must secure a qualified instructor in order to utilize the rappelling tower. The instructor's contact information must be received in the ROR office at least 2 weeks prior to the event.
• Fishing is allowed only with special permission from the ROR Director. A SC state fishing license is required to fish in the Saluda River. No fishing license is required to fish in the lake located on ROR property.
• No hunting is allowed on the ROR property.
• Firearms are not permitted on ROR property except by authorized law enforcement officers, or those engaged in firearms safety courses or marksmanship courses.
• The sponsoring organization must secure a certified life guard for pool to be utilized. Life Guard certificate must be received in ROR office 2 weeks prior to event.
• Life jackets are required for all lake activities. Sponsoring organization must supply life jackets or make arrangements to secure them from ROR.
• Any damage to the ROR grounds and/or its facilities resulting from willful abuse or neglect will be assessed and charged to the sponsoring organization.
• River Oaks Retreat (ROR) can house up to 272 persons.
• Guests are responsible for providing their own sheets, pillows and towels.
• The use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco is strictly prohibited on the grounds of ROR.

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